Thursday, January 27

Playlist add

This song was on KZSU today— it's awesome. The video is even more awesome:

Wednesday, January 19

Savannah day 1

Yep, we're in Savannah, GA. Liz is at a work conference and I'm just tagging along to see a new place. Yesterday, I walked around for a few hours just to get a feel for the town.

You seriously can't walk 10 feet without running into a historical marker. Makes me wish I was more of a history buff... sort of. Probably my favorite thing is that there's a public square every other block or so full of dramatic old trees covered in Spanish moss. Plus, the mansions are fun to look at—there are actually lots of Victorians just like at home and some of the blocks oddly remind me of Brooklyn, all cobblestones, brick and narrow alleys.

What's NOT like home at all is just how old the place is. We had dinner last night at the Planter's Tavern which was built in something like 1771 and where plans for the American revolution were cooked up over drinks. I know it's obvious, but it makes me realize just how new California is. It's almost funny that things like Alcatraz feel so historical.

Anyway, I'm almost done with my first coffee shop stint of the day, so here's a couple photos:

Sunday, January 2

My tiny little annual gift to womanhood

Ye olde Femstrual Calendar for 2011.

Use it to keep track of your (or your roommate's, or your girlfriend's...) period. it's fun, and VERY useful. Also, it's fascinating to look back over the year and see your bloody pattern.

Print it out and mark the day you start to bleed. If your period is regular, your next period will start on the day directly below your last. If your cycle is shorter than 28 days, you'll get a diagonal line to the left, and if it's longer, you'll get a diagonal line to the right. If your cycle is not regular, you'll get dots all over the place.

Try these exciting variations:
  • make a line that shows how many days your period lasts!
  • track 2+ girls on 1 calendar using differently-colored pens!
  • at the end of the year, connect the dots and read your fortune for the upcoming year!


Saturday, January 1

resolutions and such

'Tis the season, so:

  • Make beer
  • Catch up on my New Yorkers
  • Hang 2 pieces of remaining artwork in living room
  • Run a mile in less than 11 minutes
  • Watch the video tutorials about Blogger
  • Go through the dauntingly giant box of family photos
    • Run 3 times/week
    • Get to work on time (You'd think this would be easy: I live less than 2 miles from work and don't even have to be there 'til 10am, but damned if I ever get there before 10:15.)
    • Keep up the flossing
    • Take more photos and try to add one/day to the Project 365 app
    • More blogging, fewer words

    I think 11 is enough. I know they're not exactly groundbreaking goals, but I figure the simpler they are, the more achievable they'll be (except probably the New Yorker one—I'm 4 months behind and have been since about 2001).
      Happy 2011, everyone. We started it off with a rainy walk and a beer. You?