Saturday, February 19

Holy cats! This one's for Jim.

Well, we made it: Liz and I ran our first official 5K race this morning! In the rain, even!

Our time was great— 37 minutes or so. Leading up to this, we'd been doing 30 minute runs at anywhere between 11–12 minutes/mile, so considering the weather and the slow start with the huge pack of runners, I'm super pleased with that time. And, hell, just 6 months ago I never thought I'd run a 5K ever, so not too shabby at all…

The added bonus of this race was that it came at the end of a rough and emotional week for me: my dad, Jim Johnson passed away this Tuesday after struggling with heart disease and diabetes for the past several years. As I ran, I thought about him: how I'll miss talking to him about the weather and his cats, how I owe it to him to be healthy, and of course, how I know he'd have been proud of me.

So, while I certainly didn't plan it this way, this one was for you, Dad.